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#1. The general postal code for Ho Chi Minch City is 700,000.#2. Other cities use this link:http://www.vnpost.vn/POLocation.aspx#3. There is an older Viet gentleman who sits in the Post Office in Ho Chi Minh City who knows everything about mailing. He speaks English and can be found sitting down in center of lobby by books. Give sầu a small tip for helpfulness #4. If you need postcards for mailing the vendors outside the post office sell them get stamps at window #1 inside.As always reach me at:ludekingrj


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All Đánh Giá beautiful building souvenir shops notre dame cathedral old building buy stamps french architecture nice architecture worth a visit quiông xã visit quiông chồng look inside the building for sale postcards telephone functioning letter gustav
A historic post office ... still active sầu, but now with a few tourist shops inside. The old phone booths, maps and Ho Chi Minc portrait are interesting. Nothing spectacular. Okay visitor site, pretty architecture. If you"re already passing by, stop into see.

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So bright from the outside! Great photo opportunities. The inside till has original phone booths & maps, và high ceilings keeping it cool on a hot day.

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Sits right next door lớn the lovely Notre Dame Church, pleanty of local life going on around here easy to walk to lớn from were we stayed but watch out for that traffic that"s a whole other experience in itself! Lovely old building very much in use they have sầu converted what looks lượt thích old telephone booths inkhổng lồ ATM machine booths with privacy looks good.

We were not actually looking for this building but it is hard khổng lồ miss when strolling around Ho Chi Minh thành phố centre. Nice visit, quite a few other tourists around.

some beautiful pictures to lớn be taken. Interesting khổng lồ see it is a working post office, with some added touristic shops.Just opposite the Notre Dame, so two attractions at the same time

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