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an official document, signed by a judge or other person in authority, that gives the police permission lớn search someone"s trang chính, arrest a person, or take some other action:
an official document approved by an authority, esp. a judge, which gives the police permission khổng lồ bởi vì certain things:
The company has the right lớn exercise warrants for the stochồng, up to a maximum of 5% of the total shares outstanding.
Thus, methods khổng lồ identify communities warranting a combined control approach, will enhance the efficacy of this approach.
However, caution is warranted in drawing such strict comparisons since denominators for animals tested were not considered.
Further work trying khổng lồ assess the effects of racial và class identities simultaneously is certainly warranted.
If all members of a population have a decent living standard but there are large inequalities, foreign aid is arguably not warranted.
The same proposition might be justified and warranted for one person & not another, even when both have access to the same evidence.
However, the practical aspects of the effect were immediately apparent and warranted further investigation.
Presumably, then, mercy can be legitimately expressed only when justice warrants but does not require punishment.
We have no plausible explanation for this association, but its consistency across different data sources and study designs warrants further investigation.
Other referring expressions which evoke entities that are not explicitly referenced may not have these entities so highly ranked, unless warranted by their semantics.

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Additional experiments are warranted lớn investigate the significance of these pathophysiological mechanisms in vivo.
Rather than focusing so much on anthropomorphic avatars, recognisable visual environments, & spatially flawless acoustic cues, perhaps more investigation of compositional issues is warranted.
Additional characterization of these isolates including biochemical testing và electron micrography is warranted.
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