Vietjet air 2017 outlook: ipo to fund accelerated international



Photo: Vietjet

Carrier picks up prestigious award at Finance Asia Awards on January 31 in Hong Kong.

by Ngoc Lan

The Vietjet Aviation Joint Stoông xã Company (Vietjet Air) has received the “Best Vietphái mạnh Deal” award from Asia’s leading publication, Finance Asia, for its IPO in early 2017.

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The criteria for the award not only factored in Vietjet’s highly successful IPO but also its subsequent performance over the remainder of the year, which boosted the protệp tin of Vietjet in particular and Vietnam-based companies on the global capital market in general.

The ceremony for the Finance Asia Awards, one of the leading awards for the regional finance industry, took place at the Grvà Hyatt Hong Kong on January 31. Mr. Chu Viet Cuong from Vietjet’s Board of Directors represented the airline.

Leaving “a series of successful deals” in 2017 behind, Vietjet’s $164 million IPO was professionally conducted, involving consultation from world-renowned law firms và financial institutions for a period of nearly 800 days và following all international IPO standards.

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Vietjet was previously acknowledged as having “The IPO Deal of the Year 2017” và was named “The Company with the Best M&A Information Disclosure” at the M&A Awards 2016-2017 Vietnam as part of the Vietnam M&A Forum 2017.

The airline’s năm 2016 annual report also received a Platinum Award in early 2017 at the Vision Awards năm nhâm thìn organized by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP), which ranked it fourth in the Asia-Pacific region and eleventh out of 100 participating businesses worldwide. Entitled “The Flight lớn the Future”, the 150-page annual report received top scores for sub-categories, including First Impressions, Letter to Shareholders, Report Financials, & sustainable development programs.

Vietjet Air is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) & holds IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) certification. It was also named one of the Top 500 Brands in Asia năm 2016 by global marketing retìm kiếm company Nielsen, “Best Asian Low Cost Carrier” at the TTG Travel Awards 2015, which compiles votes from travelers, travel agencies, and tour operators in throughout Asia, và Asia’s Best Employer Brvà by the Employer Branding Institute và the World HRD Congress for many years.

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The airline was also rated as one of the top three fastest-growing airline brands on Facebook in the world by Socialbakers.

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