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Planning for the Better Care Fund

This report by the National Audit Office (NAO) accounts how government departments devised, amended & assured planning for the Better Care Fund (BCF). While the NAO believes that the fund has potential, it is highly critical of how it has been managed, & cast doubts over whether the programme will make the expected savings. This…

Photos from C’llr Awards 2012

...below. The Awards, hosted at Westminster City Council, have gone to lớn the great and good of local government; those councillors who have gone the extra mile khổng lồ improve their communities....

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Local Authority Scrutiny at a Crossroads?

* New legislative sầu powers & changing scrutiny mechanisms have put more pressure & workload on local authority scrutiny arrangements * Despite this, local authority scrutiny has established itself và carried out a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá of influential work, particularly in areas of policy development and Reviews, & health scrutiny * However, Scrutiny’s constitutional raison d’etre –…

In Conversation With… Cllr Roddie Mackay helpful for us khổng lồ learn about what you have sầu learnt from developing the Islands Deal. A lot of collaborative work has gone into the Islands Deal to lớn date, và...

Council workers deserve sầu more credit for successful Olympics

...the work they have been doing & how things have gone. – Many council workers noted that cross & inter-organisational working had increased, and expressed hope these new relationships will...

Life’s no beach: poverty & deprivation in coastal communities

This briefing looks at the causes and consequences of poverty và deprivation in coastal communities in Britain. It covers unemployment & the related issues of housing, health & education, và then looks at some initiatives planned to overcome these disadvantages.

Civil Society Innovation Network: event 1, part 1

...150,000 More than half have of the researchers have sầu gone into lớn new education, employment or training opportunities New community-led social enterprises established in Bolton & Hartlepool New social capital –...

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The impact of Brexit on local government procurement

This briefing looks at the potential impact of the UK’s decision to lớn leave the EU on Local Government public procurement rules. It will look at the procurement system prior lớn the EU, the impact of EU legislation on the UK as a whole and the Scottish procurement system in particular.

From Executive khổng lồ Ceremonial: Directly Elected Mayors in the United States, Australia and New Zealand

Elected mayors are still a relatively new concept in Engl&. As part of our international local government series, we consider international examples lớn see if a correlation exists between a directly elected political mayor in a city và greater decision making capabilities for that location.

Towards a Walking World

Cities Alive: Towards a Walking World, published by Arup, shows why making places easier khổng lồ walk around can be popular with communities và good for local economies. It provides evidence and examples to lớn help elected members & senior offices demonstrate positive leadership on what can be a controversial topic locally. (Local Government Information Unit) has offices in England, Scotland & Irel&.Full contact information

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