The most successful icos of all time


In the ICO investment community, investors who are motivated lớn discover and invest in blockchain tech projects are always looking for new leads. Crowdcreate has found that they turn to lớn the valued opinions of cryplớn influencers và reviewers at an increasing rate.

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When a cryptocurrency investor is looking for a new investment or wants lớn kiểm tra the value of a newly discovered ICO project, they turn to lớn ICO nhận xét on Youtube. Youtube ICO reviewers are crypkhổng lồ enthusiasts who create ICO nhận xét, which discuss upcoming ICO projects và their potential value. These Youtubers are experienced analysts who use their market experience and background in the cryptocurrency culture to predict the success of ICOs for the benefit of their investor audiences. Any investor seeking khổng lồ make informed, balanced picks for their investments should consult with the highly informed và regarded opinions of the Youtube ICO reviewers listed below.

1. Ian Balina

Ian is one of the most respected voices in cryptocurrency. He is a crypto evangemenu who understands the value of ICOs & their potential as a fundraising tool. His investment advice for ICOs is highly valued in the community, and his approval of a new token is a big indicator of massive future success.


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2. Crypto Daily

Cryplớn Daily is a massive all-in-one channel that produces comedic market analysis và commentary videos with a heavy focus on upcoming altcoins & ICOs. His opinions are backed by logical and technical market knowledge, he is highly popular và respected in the crypto lớn community.



3. Young và Investing

Quinten of Young & Investing is one of the most influential voices in ICO investing. He focuses on discussing the ICO investment market và culture. Quinten has a deep và nuanced understanding of cryptocurrency investment trends, và always provides a logical & evidence-supported case for his predictions. He is an excellent ICO reviewer.



4. The Crypto Lark

The Crypkhổng lồ Lark is a highly entertaining crypto lớn enthusiast whose passion for altcoin development has brought hyên ổn massive sầu recognition and popularity in the ICO investment community. His content is highly entertaining, but still highly valuable. He regularly releases ICO review, market analyses, và detailed interviews with thought leaders in the blockchain tech community.



5. The ICO Reviewer

The ICO Reviewer, per his name, exclusively creates high-production analyses of upcoming ICO companies. He uses his expertise in the altcoin culture và ICO market to make informed predictions about the future success of ICO companies. His ICO nhận xét are highly sought after.

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6. Patrick Weiland

Patriông xã is originally a day trader, who frequently uses his background in technical analysis và stocks khổng lồ investigate upcoming ICO investments. He is an ICO investment tastemaker who discusses projects extremely early in their development. He loves his ICO Reviews to lớn be diamonds in the rough that people have sầu not heard of before.


7. Crush Crypto

Victoria Wong is the co-founder of Crush Crypto, an independent retìm kiếm group focused on blockchain technology and digital currencies with the goal of providing high chất lượng fundamental analysis in cryptocurrency investing. She primarily covers altcoin and ICO early investment opportunities. Her ICO Đánh Giá are gaining increasing traction in the crypto lớn community.

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8. SkrillaKing

SkrillaKing produces cryplớn news và market analysis with a large emphasis on altcoin và ICO investment research. His altcoin picks are known & celebrated by his devoted community. His discussion of potential ICO investment opportunities are highly valued by altcoin investors and his ICO nhận xét are beautifully made.

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9. Martins Hacks

Martin is an altcoin investor specifically interested in investigating ICO projects as early as possible in their development progression. While investigating the technical resources of an ICO project and the backgrounds of the development team, Martin produces informed & consistent discussions of the future potential of various ICOs.


10. CoinBloq

This ICO reviewer is last but not at all least. Charles of CoinBloq is an investor highly specialized in ICO research and nhận xét. He regularly produces well regarded reviews of upcoming ICOs, & is a consistently valuable & informative sầu resource for any investor trying to get involved with blockchain projects early in their development.


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