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"High market potential drives business growth" since 2012, with the foresight in business expansion potential, Central Retail started its operations in Vietphái mạnh. The company entered the market as a fashion merchandiser và generated around THB 300 million in 2014. Until năm ngoái, Central Retail joined hands with electrical appliance chain Nguyen Klặng và Lanđưa ra Mart supermarket, operating 85 stores in 15 provinces with a net sales area of 170,000 sqm. With continuous expansion, Central Retail Vietphái mạnh reported revenue of THB 37 billion in 2019. (As of June 2020), Central Retail Vietnam operates a total of 35 malls, 230 stores across 39 out of 63 provinces nationwide in an area of 1,080,000 sqm . The company focuses on growing business in 3 segments including: Food business, Non-food businesses and Property business.

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"Food business" lớn attract customers from both primary và secondary cities 1. Hypermarkets (Hyper GO!) in 32 locations across Vietnam"s major cities 2. Main đô thị supermarkets (Super GO!) in 7 locations in Hanoi và Ho Chi Minch City 3. Provincial supermarkets (Lanchi Mart) in 25 locations.

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"Non-food businesses" in more than 170 locations, with specialty stores such as electronic appliance chain Nguyen Kim.

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The company continues khổng lồ operate & generate revenue through its omnichannel platforms both retail và online stores with a solid customer base of over 12 million people. This serves as a testament to how resilient và sturdy Central Retail Vietphái nam is operating lớn serve its customers.


The development of GO! from a Tnhị version Robinson Lifestyle Center, and remodeling of specialty stores lớn fit the lifestyle of Vietnamese people such as Supersports, Food City, Kubo, Hello Beauty


Imported và exported of goods for being sold in the business networks of the two countries, Vietphái nam và Thailand

Local Sourcing Program which bought agricultural products directly from farmers & cooperatives & distributed in Central Retail"s store chainWeekend Farmers" Market where retail spaces in chợ giao thương Big C outlets are provided for local enterprises

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