Split là gì?

< + obj + adj > The woman had split her head open (= got a long, deep wound in her head) when she was thrown off the horse.

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If the people in an organization or group split, or if something splits them, they disagree và form smaller groups:
The union executive sầu has split down the middle (= divided inkhổng lồ two equal-sized groups who disagree with each other) on what lớn vị next.
If you split the difference, you agree on a number or amount that is exactly in the middle of the difference between two other numbers or amounts.

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a situation in which a group of people is divided inlớn smaller groups because they disagree about something:
the action of sitting on the floor with your legs straight out and flat along the floor in opposite directions:
split sth between sth It is thought that Mr Snow"s job will now be split between general insurance & life insurance.
if a part of an organization splits or is split from the larger organization, it becomes its own independent organization:
The online magazine recorded revenues of $11.5m split equally between subscription fees và advertising.
if a group of people or their opinions split or are split, some people have sầu one opinion & others have a different opinion:
Companies that announce stochồng splits often see their shares rise before the split as investors anticipate dem&.
People even act as their own psychologists, splitting themselves inkhổng lồ professional & client-subjects to vày this.
However, further work is required khổng lồ establish the meaning and significance of the various splits in these diagrams.
Such events can be handled by splitting the time interval into several parts (defined by time intervals between two nucleation or impingement events).
There are also many areas where people take sides or can"t see what the problem is - lượt thích avoiding generic "he" or splitting infinitives.
In particular, the complement of the central islvà in the rhombus splits into lớn two or four dart-shaped objects located at opposite corners of the rhombus.





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