How to reinstall samsung pay on your galaxy s7 or s7 edge

( - Samsung Pay is similar to Apple Pay & Google Pay. It is a platsize for Samsung devices - smartphones & wearables - that allows you to lớn pay for goods and services by tapping your Samsung device near a contactless payment terminal or authorising an online payment, rather than using cash or credit cards.

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Here"s everything you need to lớn know, including what banks are supported and how it works.

What vì chưng I need for Samsung Pay?

The Samsung Pay platform is baked inkhổng lồ Samsung Galaxy devices, which includes the company"s smartphones and wearables. You can find the full list of compatible devices below.

To use Samsung Pay, you"ll need lớn tải về & install the Samsung Pay app on your compatible phone, register compatible cards and accounts và the platkhung will draw directly from these chosen sources when making a payment.

What devices are compatible with Samsung Pay?

Below is a menu of the Samsung smartphones that tư vấn Samsung Pay.

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Galaxy S21 UltraGalaxy S21+Galaxy S21Galaxy S20Galaxy S20+Galaxy S20 UltraGalaxy cảnh báo 20Galaxy cảnh báo 20 UltraGalaxy A70sGalaxy A71Galaxy A51Galaxy chú ý 10Galaxy lưu ý 10+Galaxy A70Galaxy A80Galaxy A30sGalaxy A50sGalaxy S10+Galaxy S10Galaxy S10EGalaxy A70Galaxy chú ý 9Galaxy S9+Galaxy S9Galaxy cảnh báo 8Galaxy S8+Galaxy S8Galaxy S7 edgeGalaxy S7Galaxy S6 edge+Galaxy chú ý 5Galaxy A8+Galaxy A7 (2017)Galaxy A5 (2017)Galaxy A5 (2016)Galaxy A7 (2016)Galaxy A9 ProGalaxy J7 Pro

This is the current danh mục of Samsung wearables that have Samsung Pay on board:

Galaxy Watch 3Galaxy Watch Active sầu 2Galaxy Watch ActiveGalaxy WatchGalaxy Watch 4GGear S3Gear Sport


What are the payment limits on Samsung Pay?

The payment limit is mix by the bank or vendor, not by Samsung, so is different in different regions - not a fixed £45 maximum per transaction, as with contactless cards.

On the whole though, you will not be restricted khổng lồ a specific limit in the UK, just like you aren"t with Apple Pay.

How secure is Samsung Pay?

In terms of security, Samsung Pay details are protected by Samsung"s Knox real-time hacking surveillance và rooting prevention, and no card details are stored on either a Samsung hệ thống or the device itself.

Just lượt thích Apple Pay, Samsung Pay uses tokenisation. Card payments are made secure by creating a number or token that replaces your thẻ details. This token is stored within a secure element chip on your device, and when a payment is initiated, the token is passed to the retailer or merchant. The retailer therefore never has direct access to your card details.

In addition Samsung Pay offers ARM TrustZone to further protect transaction information from attacks.

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