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Specialization of sales engineers should be in technology & scientifically advanced products. With the help of technical skills, they explain the advantages of the products or services to the potential customers & also tell how their services or products are better than their competitor’s one. The companies that kiến thiết & build technical products hire the sales engineer.

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We can say that the work of the sales engineers is like that of salespersons. They must have the ability khổng lồ convince the clients for buying their service or products, negotiate a price, và complete the task by selling them. To fulfill this task, the sales engineer has to lớn give the technical presentations in which they describe the technical aspects related to lớn the sản phẩm & how it is helpful to solve the technical issue of the customer.

Some sales engineers work with the team of the technically proficient resources who focus on the technical aspects as the kinh doanh & selling portion is covered by the salesperson. These resources, may be part of sales workforce & are called pre-sale resources. Such role requires a combination of business sense along with understanding of hàng hóa & solution technical viability.

Post- Sale is comparatively a different flavour to pre-sales. It basically means after-sales where the role involves all the activities và the experiences that follow after the sale of product or solution.

Comparison : Pre-sale vs Post-sale



The purpose of the pre-sale engineer is designing the solution for both the existing & potential customers. To complete this task, they must have sầu knowledge of current IT thiết đặt in place. It is imperative sầu to mô tả that discovery of customer incumbent solution components takes place during the pre-sales stage. Further, it also needs experience in supporting the sales function in a technical environment. The role also requires extensive sầu knowledge of technologies và demands the ability to develop and maintain svào working relationships with internal & external stakeholders at all levels.

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Whereas post-sale engineer’s primary accountability is lớn represent the technical solution of the client network. They also have advancement in giải pháp công nghệ và representing a solid solution for the networking industry. They have sầu to lớn help customers và partners evaluate, adopt và expvà the use of their networking sản phẩm. Person working in the shoes of Post-sales role is required to gather all the technical và contract related documents from pre-sales person for smooth over khổng lồ kết thúc provisions of the solution và maintenance of its lifecycle.



Lead as a senior connectivity thiết kế for all sales opportunities.Influence, persuade và negotiate with senior stakeholders in thành viên & customer organizationsProvide technical advice & recommendations to lớn customers.To ensure effective sầu collaboration in responding to customer needs, develop working relationships with partner organizations


During sản phẩm evaluations & post-sales, perkhung hands-on work with customersIf required, Pre-sales technical tư vấn is provided and also technical expertise to lớn our customers and partnersIntegrate inlớn existing management, monitoring, & provisioning frameworks for a better hàng hóa.Persize tests to validate customer proof-of-concept setups, network deployments, and network designs.Keep up-to-date on competitive solutions, services, & products.Design guidelines và recommkết thúc improvements khổng lồ customers for the networks they supportProvide feedbaông xã lớn engineering và product management.



Strong influencing & negotiation skillSelf-motivated, & able lớn work under pressure và lớn tight deadlinesStrong analytical and problem-solving skillsAbility khổng lồ work independentlyAbility to lớn adapt to lớn new issues & situations.Customer-focused, with a svào track record in placing customer needs at the heart of decision makingGood communication and interpersonal skills


Team working ability.A solid technical background.Resilience and tenađô thị.Sound judgment & good business sense.Increasingly, foreign language skills are in demvà.Ability to build relationships with clients.Analytical and problem-solving skills.

Both pre-sale and post-sale are very important for any organization, especially for technical businesses. The task of both of them is are quite similar và they also rely on each other lớn fulfill their work. Presales people help in answering the queries or technical questions và also have sầu the ability to demonstrate products. If they can show a prospect of how the sản phẩm will help them, then this helps in making the sale with ease. Post-sales are also important especially for customer support, retention and good service.

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