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Blachồng Week: time for sales lovers

For years, Blachồng Friday has attracted the interest of many Singaporeans. This shopping holiday, which comes from the United States, draws in crowds of consumers who are making the best of the discounts offered lớn them. That is why, seeing the interest of clients, stores decided to expvà their offers for the entire week, not just Blaông chồng Friday. Thanks to that, discount lovers can enjoy rebates from the Monday preceding Black Friday until Cyber Monday.

Bạn đang xem: Workbook: picodi analytics decided lớn kiểm tra the attitude of Singaporeans toward Blachồng Friday, how much money consumers spkết thúc and what they buy.

To buy or not to lớn buy?


More than half of Singaporeans (58 per cent) took part in last year’s Blachồng Friday sales. Although this number may surprise, in reality not all consumers participated in the sale on Blachồng Friday itself. 74 per cent of shoppers decided to siêu thị on Friday, but as much as 47 per cent did their shopping from Monday to lớn Thursday, và 26 per cent enjoyed special offers over the weekkết thúc after Black Friday (Saturday and Sunday).

All respondents, asked about their Blachồng Friday experiences, were satisfied (63 per cent) or rather satisfied (37 per cent).

Aý muốn the people who did not take part in last year’s Blachồng Friday, the most common reason (46 per cent of answers) was that they did not know what Black Friday is at all. 43 per cent of people taking part in the survey simply missed the event. The remaining 11 per cent pointed out that the discounts were too low.

Big bucks


Statistically, Singaporeans spend $156 on Black Friday. It is worth noting that men spover more money than women during Blaông xã Friday sales: $193 vs $143. It doesn’t necessarily mean that men buy more than women — they could just buy more expensive items.

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When asked about Black Friday spending, many respondents claimed they are going khổng lồ spover a similar amount as last year (37 per cent). Almost half is planning to spend more (49 per cent), and 14 per cent is going to lớn spend less money than last Blaông chồng Friday.

People who are going khổng lồ spend more usually justified their answers by the fact that they are going to lớn buy some expensive sầu cửa nhà this year, such as electronics or trang chính appliances (57 per cent indicated such reason). 50 per cent is planning to lớn simply buy more products, and 7 per cent are going lớn buy more luxurious products than last year. On the other hvà, amuốn the people who are planning lớn spkết thúc less, 35 per cent said that their smaller budget is caused by job loss. 40 per cent prefers lớn set money aside for a rainy day và 21 per cent is going khổng lồ buy fewer items this year.

Selling like hotcakes


Invariably, electronics are amuốn the products which rule during Blaông chồng Friday sales. It is the most frequently chosen category of products — 47 per cent of consumers will buy electronics. Clothes (32 per cent) & home appliances (28 per cent) were the second và third top categories.

Food on delivery ranked fourth (24 per cent), followed by shoes (18 per cent). Groceries were less popular during Blachồng Week (14 per cent), similarly khổng lồ sports items or cosmetics (13 và 11 per cent respectively). Books & travel rounded out the top ten categories with 8 per cent each.


All statistical data comes from, a global discount platsize operating since 2010. The survey conducted in September 20đôi mươi was also used in the report.

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