Paid wifi & cellular là gì

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Anyone know miễn phí software (or very cheap) for creating paid access to lớn WIFI - with tokens mechanism?

Can be on Linux, or Windows...

I have sầu a small Hostel và I want lớn create paid access khổng lồ wifi (lượt thích 1$ for hour).



The most popular replacement firmware for relatively common routers, OpenWrt and dd-wrt, bởi provide tư vấn for establishing hotspots. There is quite a lot of documentation on this lớn be found on their respective Wikis:

A lot of what was once quite hard to lớn bởi, has been packaged up by EasyHotspot inkhổng lồ an all in one hotspot management system.

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Not exactly what you asked for, as it"s not based on tokens, but: you could join FON, và open up your (cheap†) Fonera router for paid access (not limited khổng lồ you own guests, if the Wifi range is good).

A software solution I never tried, & which seems a bit hard lớn mix up for a regular user, is CoovaChilli. It needs a WPA Enterprise router, và then offers authentication services to lớn selectively --through a so-called captive portal-- nói qua your access point.

† Old Fonera routers are just €30, the newest €79 / $99.


HotSpotPA is a hosted solution that costs under $99 per router. It is software that runs on both Linksys và Ubiquiti router hardware. Because it is hosted it doesn"t require any Windows or Linux software, all the behind-the-scenes authentication và payment processing is done by the HotSpotPA company through an encrypted VPN that is built into the router. No tokens though, it requires the customer khổng lồ use credit cards or PayPal.

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