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Dr. Nguyen is a member of the Facility for Adsorbent Characterization và Testing, where she is working on creating reference data & establishing protocols for gas adsorption measurements, which provide information on the gas uptake capability of a material for applications in carbon dioxide capture, methane & hydrogene gas storage, gas separation, & catalysis. Her focus is on gravimetric instruments & binary gas sorption instruments.

Jiyun Hu, Federica Zanca, Gregory McManus, Isabella Riha, Huong Giang Nguyen, William Shirley, Collin Borcik, Benjamin Wylie, Mourad Benamara, Roger van Zee, Peyman Moghadam, M. Hassan Beyzavi
New linkages for covalent organic frameworks (COFs) have been continuously pursued by chemists as it serves as the structure and property foundation for the

A Reference High-Pressure CH4 Adsorption Isotherm for Zeolite Y: Results of an Interlaboratory Study

Huong Giang T. Nguyen, Christopher M. Sims, Blaza Toman, Jarod C. Horn, Roger D. van Zee, Mathias Thommes, Riaz Ahmad, Joeri F. Denayer, Gino V. Baron, Emilio Napolitano, Marek Bielewski, Enzo Mangano, Stefano Brandani, Broom Darren, M.J. Bentê mê, Anne Dailly, Frieder Dreisbach, Satyannarayamãng cầu Edubilli, Sasidhar Gumma, Jens Mollmer, Marcus Lange, Mi Tian, Tim Mays, T. Shigeoka, S. Yamakita, M. Hakuman, Y. Nakada, K. Nakai, Junyoung Hwang, Ronny Pini, Huan Jiang, Armin Ebner, Marjorie Nicholson, James Ritter, Judit Farranbởi Perez, Carlos Cuadravày, Joaquin Silvestre Albero, Christos Tampaxis, Theodore Steriotis, Daniela Rimnacova, Martina Svabova, Marymãng cầu Vorokhta, Hai Wang, Eric Bovens, Nicolas Heymans, Guy de Weireld
This paper reports the results of an international interlaboratory study led by the National Institute of Standards & Technology ( on the measurement of

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Vapor- & Liquid-Phase Adsorption of Alcohol and Water in Silicalite-1 Synthesized in Fluoride Media

Robert F. DeJaco, Matheus D. de Mello, Huong Giang T. Nguyen, Mi Young Jeon, Roger D. van Zee, Michael Tsapatsis, Ilja J. Siepmann
In this work, batch-adsorption experiments & molecular simulations are employed lớn probe the adsorption of binary mixtures containing ethanol or a linear

Powder X-ray Reference Diffraction Patterns for Three Forms of Porous Aluminum Terephthalate, MIL- 53(Al)


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