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Could we have a moment of your time to talk about a new & exciting enterprise? It’s the world of direct sales, network sale, và hiding stuff in your garage: multi-level sale. MLM organization may not technically be in the shape of a pyramid, but the lines have sầu become more and more blurred over the years as regulations have sầu relaxed. This các mục of multi-level sale companies highlights the most successful, many of which have sầu revenues in the billions. The top network sale companies, Amway, Avon, and Herbalife, have outlived many of their competitors, with all three of them lasting for decades. Cheông xã out our MLM company menu lớn see which are the biggest

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What Is an MLM Company?

An MLM company is a multi-cấp độ kinh doanh company, which can also be referred lớn as referral sale, network sale, or pyramid selling. But what does MLM mean? In essence, in an MLM company, the workforce is comprised of primarily non-salaried representatives, who are encouraged to sell services/products và often also recruit more representatives.

The main question behind “What’s an MLM?” is often consumers trying to underst& the difference between a pyramid scheme vs. MLM company. The one key difference between an illegal pyramid scheme và a legal MLM is that an MLM business will sell an actual hàng hóa and earn actual income outside of the recruitment of more people, which often involves newcomers paying a fee. There are red flags for spotting a predatory product-based pyramid scheme, but this is the key difference. The FTC outlines tips for figuring out whether a business lượt thích this is legitimate enough lớn make money off of.

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It’s important lớn point out that given bad circumstances, one can easily thua kém money at even the best MLM companies. Many past sellers and representatives are angry about this, as these sale strategies uniquely target women & those who need alternatives to full-time jobs, who were often financially vulnerable to start with.

That being said, it’s unlikely that the top MLM companies 2019 has to offer are going to go away anytime soon. Products like the makeup from Mary Kay, containers from Tupperware, & protein powder from Herbalife are still some of America’s favorites. Here are some of the best và most successful MLMs by revenue.

The Top 25 Multi-Level Marketing Companies List

1. Amway: $8.8 billion

One of the most profitable direct sales companies of all time, this makeup and nutrition company owns a host of brands lượt thích Nutrilite, Artistry, eSpring, iCook, & more. That being said, the company has been under so much scrutiny that reps often actively avoid saying that they’re selling Amway products.

2. Avon: $5.7 billion

The most popular makeup MLM in the country, Avon is famous for its cheap eyeliners and anti-aging creams & for its catalogs.

3. Herbalife: $4.5 billion

After coming under fire in recent years in the popular press, this popular nutrition và supplement company continues khổng lồ sell their powders all over the U.S. và in Latin America.

4. Vorwerk: $4.2 billion

The German company offers intensely engineered, expensive sầu products like Thermoset cooking appliances và vacuum cleaners.

5. Mary Kay: $3.5 billion

The second top makeup direct sales company, this MLM made itself famous by offering free makeup tutorials & consultations.

6. Infinitus: $3.41 billion

China’s Infinitus has become a powerhouse, selling herbal health solutions for common issues, but has come under fire locally for their health claims.

7. Perfect: $3.06 billion

One might consider it lớn be like the Chinese Avon, but Perfect does a lot more, offering everything from health solutions khổng lồ wine to lớn laundry detergent.

8. Quanjian: $2.89 billion

Quanjian sells supplements and nutritional products. Like Inifinitus, the company has also come under fire for their health claims.

9. Natura: $2.26 billion

A Brazilian company that sells spa-lượt thích soaps and skin-care products, Natura pushes that they are eco-friendly while having an estimated 6.6 million consultants worldwide.

10. Tupperware: $2.21 billion

Focusing on moms and offering food prep & storage solutions, this MLM, which started in 1948, was made famous for promoting Tupperware parties, which rewarded the hosts with savings. This reward system is still very popular for MLM structures.

11. Nu Skin: $2.208 billion

Selling spa làm đẹp tools và lotions for the home as well as nutrition supplements, this MLM, like others, has had lớn pay out millions in settlements about making unsubstantiated claims about its products.

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12. Primerica: $1.52 billion

The first financial services company on this danh sách, Primerica sells multiple types of insurance as well as mutual funds.

13. JoyMain: $1.49 billion

This is another popular Chinese MLM. Marketing nutrition & health products, this company has had trading of its stoông chồng suspended by the SEC in recent years.

14. Jeunesse: $1.41 billion

An MLM focused on helping its customers “stay young,” this company sells fairly pricey, spa-màn chơi treatments as well as supplements and drinks.

15. Oriflame: $1.4 billion

This Luxembourg-based direct selling company offers skin-care products & supplements.

16. Ambit Energy ++: $1.2 billion

Since many energy markets in the U.S. have sầu been deregulated, companies lượt thích Ambit have propped up pushing consumers to lớn piông chồng a specific energy provider.

17. New Era: $1.16 billion

With nutrition- and home-based products, this Chinese company has become one of the fastest-growing MLMs internationally.

18. Telecom Plus: $1.12 billion

This UK company sells utilities services, including electrithành phố, gas, và Internet.

19. Belcorp: $1.09 billion

A Peru-based company with several brands, this MLM is most famous for cosmetics & perfumes.

đôi mươi. USANA: $1.01 billion

Usamãng cầu Health Sciences Inc. sells dietary supplements và nutritional products, sponsoring numerous athletics endeavors. The company is one of the top-rated MLMs, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been investigated by the FBI in the past.

21. Pola: $1.004 billion

The Japanese cosmetics company sells popular anti-aging products.

22. Young Living: $1 billion

Famous for their essential oils, this popular MLM has been under fire by the U.S. FDA over claims that their products can treat things like dementia và autism.

23. Sun Hope: $940 million

This direct-sales Malaysian company promotes health products lượt thích spirulimãng cầu và home-grown supplement formulas.

24. DXN: $927.0 million

Also Malaysian, DXN sells dietary supplements containing mushrooms and enzymes.

25. WorldVentures: $926.6 millionOne of the few MLM travel companies, this is one of the newest and worst/best direct sales companies. Lists, travel packages, & holiday products are available, but it’s also come under fire recently.

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