2020 mitsubishi mirage prices, reviews, & pictures

Highs Solid warranty coverage, excellent fuel economy, generous cargo capađô thị. Lows Noisy engine, low horsepower, lacks certain key driver-assistance features. Verdict The Mirage impresses with its low price và strong fuel economy, but rival models offer a much more refined package.

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The 2020 Tập đoàn Mitsubishi Mirage was created with the most price-conscious oto shoppers in mind. Starting at less than $16,000, this subcompact hatchbaông xã is one of the most affordable new cars on the market. However, the Mirage"s performance in certain areas is rustic at best. Its engine sounds coarse when pushed, & the cabin looks down-market, even by the standards of cars in this price range. On a positive note, the Mirage delivers good fuel economy, & it comes with solid warranty coverage that will be appreciated by shoppers who are trying to lớn keep an eye on their finances. This Tập đoàn Mitsubishi also offers an attractive selection of optional features, including modern must-haves such as Apple CarPlay/Android Auto điện thoại thông minh integration. If you"re on a tight budget và would rather shop new than used, the Mirage might be worth a look, but we"d recommkết thúc checking out its rivals such as the Hyundẻo Accent, Kia Rio or Toyota Yaris before making a purchase.

What"s New for 2020?

For the 20đôi mươi model year, the Tập đoàn Mitsubishi Mirage drops the RF trlặng from the lineup. Automatic climate control has been added as standard equipment on all trims. Mitsubishi claims that the Mirage is the only vehicle in its class khổng lồ offer this amenity as standard equipment.

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Pricing và Which One khổng lồ Buy

If you"re considering the Mirage, we"re guessing your intention is khổng lồ make a car purchase that doesn"t put too large a dent in your pocketbook. With this in mind, we"d recommkết thúc the LE trlặng for most shoppers. This tryên comes with a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT), và it"s the least expensive model in the lineup with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto lớn smartphone integration. The Mirage LE rides on 15-inch wheels, & it comes standard with power-adjustable side mirrors and LED brake lights. Within the cabin, this tryên ổn is equipped with amenities such as automatic climate control and Bluetooth không dây connectivity, và we"d recommkết thúc adding amenities such as carpeted floor mats ($145) và a tonneau cover ($130). With these options included, the Mirage LE has a total price of $17,365.

Engine, Transmission, và Performance

All 20trăng tròn Tập đoàn Mitsubishi Mirage hatchbacks come with a 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine that generates a modest 78 horsepower & 74 lb-ft of torque. That"s less muscle than you"ll get with rivals such as the Chevrolet Spark (98 horsepower). The Mirage"s base Model comes with a five-speed manual transmission, but all other trims are equipped with a CVT. nguồn is sent khổng lồ the front wheels. When driven on city streets và highways, the Mirage exhibits lackluster acceleration. Heavy throttle inputs are required for passing maneuvers on the freeway, and the engine gets raucous when pushed. Also, there"s a lot of engine vibration within the cabin.

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