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When I was shopping at Shop N Save sầu at Tampines Mart last week, I realised that the prices of almost all items have gone up tremendously. Even the 3-1 Milo paông xã (my children reminded me to lớn replenish it) has gone up in price. This led me to compare the prices between Milo and Ovaltine (as I used khổng lồ substitute Coke with Pepsi)…Ovaltine is cheaper by about 50cents và comes with a không lấy phí premium game!



After I reached home, I started to lớn think – Ovaltine or Milo, which is ‘older’? I mean which sản phẩm was marketed first?

I remember when I was very young và staying with my Godmother’s family at Beatty Road, she used lớn make ‘O val tin Kar Dan’ (Cantonese) for me, which is breaking an raw egg into lớn a cup of very hot Ovaltine. My first liên hệ with Milo was maybe in mid Primary (probably Pri. 3 or 4), when I was told to draw a tin of Milo và color it with poster color. So I guess should be Ovaltine first then Milo….hehe.

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Below shows the old Milo tin that I used khổng lồ draw for my art lesson;


OK, let’s vày some research;


Started in : 1865

Country of Origin : Switzerland but first manufactured in Britain

Meaning of Name Ovaltine : Oval means Egg

How It Started : In 1865, George Wander phối up his own laboratory in Bern (Switzerland) . There he produced a malt extract which for decades was to provide a vital food supplement for children and siông chồng people. When he died, his son Albert, a pharmacist and chemist, worked to lớn improve sầu the product, adding other natural energizing ingredients lớn the malternative text extract. In 1904, Ovaltine was born.

Invented by George Wander originally as “Ovo-Maltine” in Switzerland – a fortified barley powdered egg malted-milk beverage. His son’s Albert had it produced in Britain but the British spelt it wrongly và thus the name “Ovaltine”. It was later that cocoa was added khổng lồ it & thus the current Ovaltine! Read more about it here.

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Product : Sold as nourishing bedtime drink

Look at the billboard ad along New Bridge Road in the 60s;


Photo Credit above :

How a 1921 Ovaltine tin looked like;


A 1961 Ovaltine ad;



Started in : 1934

Country of Origin : Australia

Meaning of Name Milo : Derived its name from MILON (600 BC), a champion athlete of ancient Greek mythology. He was renowned for his feats of strengths.

How It Started : Invented by Thomas Mayne, an industrial chemist working at a Nestlé factory in Australia. The hàng hóa was launched in 1934.

Product : Sold as tonic food drink

Below shows an old advertisement in 1940 (Straits Times);


Credit : SPH, Straits Times

If you can’t see clearly how a 1940 Milo tin looked lượt thích, here it is in color (the top tin);


Credit : Nestle

Many uses of such Ovatine and Milo tins such as storing of money as ‘piggy bank’. The Milo tin was usually used as kinda ‘cash register’ in some old shops.

You can find this Milo tin hanging as a ‘cash register’ in this siêu thị even in the 90s;


Phokhổng lồ Credit : National Archives of Singapore, PICAS

You may find Milo ads in most sports competition;


Credit : SPH, Straits Times

Below shows an Ovaltine signboard in a shop (1986);


Credit : National Archives of Singapore, PICAS

Now both Ovaltine and Milo have undergone many changes in packaging, hàng hóa types and taste as well. It seems that Milo are more aggressive in advertising especially in the sports aremãng cầu as you can see on the Milo tin itself. Did Ovaltine still comes in tin khung now???

So which one vày you prefer Ovaltine or Milo? My kids prefer Milo – don’t know why?

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