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Today I’ll walk you through how khổng lồ update Ledger Nano S Firmware & MCU versions. Not only, Nano S, by reading this post, you can update Ledger Nano X Firmware also, of course Mã Sản Phẩm Blue’s too.

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If you Nano X, Blue or Ledger Nano S MCU firmware is outdated then this tutorial will help you fix your hardware wallet’s issues.

Error: Sorry, not enough space left

Ah! I got ‘Sorry, not enough space left’ error. If you don’t get this error then it’s good otherwise, you will need to uninstall some installed wallet apps such Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the lượt thích from your Ledger device lớn make some space for new update.

Don’t worry! if you uninstall an ứng dụng, your coins remain intact. After reinstalling the phầm mềm, your funds will reflect again. It happens because your coins are not associated with the wallet phầm mềm.

Next, as you can see, my device has not enough space for this installation, so to make some space, I’m going lớn uninstall Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRPhường and Litecoin wallet apps. To uninstall an phầm mềm, from the manager section, cliông chồng on ‘Delete’ ibé next a wallet app you want to uninstall.

Okay, I’ve uninstalled 4 apps from my device và I assume now my Ledger Nano S is ready for lathử nghiệm firmware update.

Let’s cliông chồng on ‘Update’ again và then ‘Continue’.

Hurray! update started.

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Once update tải về completes, you will see an identifier on your computer screen. Same identifier will appear on your Ledge device screen. Match both, if they’re matching, tap ‘OK’ button from your Ledger hardware wallet & enter your PIN khổng lồ proceed. Otherwise, hit cancel button.

Disconnect Ledger wallet by removing its USB cableLet Ledger Live tiện ích as it isPress ‘Left’ button of your Ledger walletDon’t release ‘Left’ button & connect your Ledger device lớn your computer againKeep ‘Left’ button pressed, even after Bootloader screen appearsLedger Nano S MCU version, Bootloader & the lượt thích will update to lớn lademo versionsKeep patient, don’t bởi anything, just waitFinally, you will read on your computer screen that Ledger Firmware is updated along with MCU version.

After updating the device, you can access your wallet by entering your PIN.Note: There will be only settings. You’ll have sầu to lớn install the apps again.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully updated Ledger Nano S firmware and MCU version.

FAQs on Ledger Nano S Firmware và MCU Update

What if I don’t update my Ledger device?

Nothing will happen. It’s not mandatory to update Ledger Nano S, X or Blue. However, you should update it to lớn unlochồng new features và updates for example you’ll be able to lớn install up khổng lồ 20 apps. At the top, lathử nghiệm update brings some security improvements therefore just to keep your device secure, keep it up khổng lồ date.

How many apps will I be able khổng lồ install after updating my Ledger Nano S, X or Blue?

It depends upon the kích cỡ of the apps. According lớn Ledger, you can install up to đôi mươi apps on your Ledger Nano S, up khổng lồ 100 in case of Ledger Nano X; depending on the cryptocurrencies you install. Some wallet apps occupy more space therefore this number may vary. However, you’ll be able khổng lồ install 5 to lớn 7 apps easily in Mã Sản Phẩm S.

Do I need to enter recovery seed again?

No, update doesn’t wipe out your seed. But it’s very risky to lớn update Ledger without having private key. I suggest you refrain from updating your device if you don’t have recovery seed.

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