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- Address: 9-11 Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

- Investor: MAI ANH PRODUCTION TRADE Co., Ltd – a subsidiary company of Hoa Lam Investment and Development Joint Stock Company

- Affiliate: Mai Thanh Service Co., Ltd, Techcombank

- Design: Casa (Hongkong), Arquitectonia (U.S)

- Project management: APAVE Vietnam and South East Asia

- Supervision consultant: Coteba (France)

- Main contractor: Coteccons

- Usable floor area: 34,000m2

- Parking area: 2 basements for cars, 4 basements for motorcycles

- Commencement: April 7th , 2011

- Completion date: July 16th , 2013

Located at 9-11 Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward in District 1, intersecting Nguyen Huu Canh Street at the eastern gate of the city, Lim Tower 1 was designed with modern standards of a class A office-building.

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The building has 34 levels and 2 basements with 6 parking spaces situated in the central area of high-end office buildings, five-star hotels and the bustling business area of the city. Lim Tower 1 was officially inaugurated on July 16th, 2013; offering more than 34,000 square meters of premium office area.

The project was developed by Hoa Lam Commercial Investment and Development Joint Stock Co., the founder and main shareholder, thereby affiliating the two strategic partners Mai Thanh Service Co., Ltd and Techcombank.

With prime location, standard utility services and modern architecture, 65% of Lim Tower 1 area was registered before the interior was finished. Techcombank put the South headquarters here with 1,200 employees. Lim Tower 1 is evaluated as one of the most modern office buildings in the list of luxurious towers, marking its significance among the premium architectures in downtown of HCMC. It is also an attraction that contributes beautiful landscapes to the city modernpicture.


- Address: 158 Vo Van Tan Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

- Investor: CHODUI Co., Ltd – a subsidiary company of Hoa Lam Investment and Development Joint Stock Company

- Usable floor area: 2.228,9 m2

- Gross floor area: 25.466 m2

- 18 floors, 3 basements

- Main contractor: Coteccons

- Design consultants: Aedas, Aecom, Indochine Engineering

- Project management consultant: Arteli

- Commencement:

- Expected completion date:

With the development of vibrant urban area in District 3, Lim Tower 2 was constructed as a modern commercial center and office complex building in the city center. Following the success of Lim Tower 1, Hoa Lam developed the project of Lim Tower 2 as a balance between work and entertainment.

Located at the intersection of Vo Van Tan and Cach Mang Thang Tam streets, a special connection between East – West bound and North – South bound, Lim Tower 2 is a prime location that has all essential utility services. According to The People's Committee of District 3, this is considered as a spectacular project of the year, a great countribution to local economic growth target and social welfare. The project is the result of an effort to find solutions for urban planning as well as improving social welfare and living conditions for poor people locally.

Lim Tower 2 is constructed in an area of nearly 2,200 m². The building consists of 18 levels including 4 floors for commercial business, 13 floors for office space, a roofop and 3 basements for parking and other facilities. The 6,255-square-meter basement can accommodate about 120 cars, providing safety and convenience for clients. The total construction area is about 28,000 m². The project is completed on. It was completed in the second quarter of 2015.

With a team of professional design consultants and project managers such as Aedas and Artelia, Coteccons, Bachy Soletance and Quan Dat are responsible for the construction of this modern project. Construction includes modern technology and equipment such as the system of 12 elevators and escalators, central system of air conditioners with premium power equipment and imported Varican glass from the US for aesthetic qualities, safety and environmental friendliness. Other materials and equipments of this project are purchased from reputable brands from the U.S, Germany, the U.K or Japan.


- Address: 4B Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

- Investor: Hoa Lam Investment and Development Joint Stock Company

- Construction contractor: Saigon Engineering Construction Investment Corporation (ECI Saigon)

- Design consultant: Nam Viet Design-Construction Company Limited

- Building administration: Vietbank

- Gross floor area: 2,398m2

- Leasable area: 1,150m2

- Inauguration day: November 26th, 2012

Residential Area 2, 3, 4 in Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2:

Hoa Lam collaborates with its partners to invest in the project of Residential Area 2, 3, 4 in Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, HCMC. This is an urban area project, of more than 80 hectares with many construction categories such as villas, houses, apartments, commercial centers and office buildings. This large-scale project is located near Thu Thiem Urban Area and provides an easy access to districts 9 and 7 through the beltway and Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway. Therefore, the Residential Area 2, 3, 4 is going to be a beautiful modern urban area in the eastern region of HCMC.

At present, the process of land clearance and compensations for local people and the 1/500 zoning plan are completed .

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Investment project of offices and commercial apartment complex – 1.6 hectares.

This project is a combination of commercial and residential area, office buildings; that is adjacent to Residential Area 2, 3, 4 in Thanh My Loi Ward on the beltroad.

Hoa Lam has been collaborating with partners to develop this project, whose 1/500 zoning plan and land allocation are currently in process.

The investment project of D2 Apartment at the Hi-tech Healthcare Park:

In the 2-hectare Hi-tech Healthcare Park, there is a high-rise apartment building project in Lot D2 in addition to the projects of hospitals, commercial centers, training centers and offices. The project is planned to have 500 apartments to serve employees of the Hi-tech Healthcare Park and nearby residential areas.

The procedures of land allocation and land use payment for this project are completed. The company has been considering the investment proposal approval of the 1/500 zoning plan to execute.

The investment project of multi-function complex

Hoa Lam is also promoting investment in 2 projects of multi-function complex in the city center.

The complex of business center, hotel, office and apartments is about 9,000 m² with a total floor area of approximately 100,000 m² in District 1.

The complex of business center and apartments with an area of 3.3 hectares has total floor area of approximately 150,000 square meters in District 10.

Currently, the investment procedure and application for land allotment are in proccess so that these projects can be executed.


- Location: Ho Tram Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province

- Area: 30 hectares

- Scope of project: 3 clusters of commercial buildings

+Villa area: 60 villas with a gross floor area of nearly 20,000 m2

+ Hotel area: capacity of 200 rooms

+ Services area: swimming pool, restaurant, tennis court, sport zone and so on…

- The construction of 3 model villas and the swimming pool has been started. Hoa Lam has intiatied deploying the next phase of the project.

Lim Tower I

- Address: 9-11 Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

- Investor: MAI ANH PRODUCTION TRADE Co., Ltd – a subsidiary company of Hoa Lam Investment and Development Joint Stock Company

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