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Minch Lam and Khang Nguyen began development of their website ứng dụng in 2018, & their team took the top prize in the 20trăng tròn LaunchU pitch competition.

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After a summer interning for Facebook, fourth-year computer science majors Minc Lam & Khang Nguyen Do Gia are preparing for full-time positions as software engineers with the social media platkhung.

Lam & Nguyen are originally from Ho Chi Minch City, Vietphái mạnh. Together with fourth-year Colton Potter & second-year Osama Abdelrahman, they won first place at the 20trăng tròn LaunchU pitch competition with their lachạy thử project, Twine.

LaunchU teaches participants what it takes to grow an idea inkhổng lồ a sustainable business, non-profit or social enterprise that can change people’s lives.

Twine is a progressive sầu web tiện ích that launched in fall 20đôi mươi. Users can tải về Twine from a web browser onto lớn their home screen, bypassing the App Store or Google Play entirely. Lam says that this kiến thiết choice was intentional to lớn further streamline the process.

“I think progressive website apps are the future,” Lam says. “You don’t have sầu lớn go through Apple or Android, so that saves time for the developer, và it’s not platform-dependent for the users.”

Minh Lam. Phokhổng lồ credit: Yvonne Gay

Lam began development on Twine during Startup Weekkết thúc 2018, a program where students can bring their entrepreneurial ideas to life. Potter joined the team while groupmates with Lam in a computer science class project, followed by Nguyen & later Abdelrahman at LaunchU 2020.

Lam was encouraged to lớn enter Twine into lớn the 20trăng tròn LaunchU competition, and it won first place in the LaunchU pitch competition and $15,000. At the time, Lam & Nguyen were studying abroad in Germany and Hungary, respectively, so working on next steps involved a great giảm giá of careful scheduling.

“We actually met in Budapest, Hungary, và we had to lớn prepare for our presentation there,” Nguyen says, joking that the Twine team was working remotely before anyone else.

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Shortly after, the COVID-19 pandemic forced many more people khổng lồ work và study remotely, và the Twine team had to shift its goals for the ứng dụng. One of the biggest changes was how khổng lồ streamline Zoom events instead of on-campus events.

“When we first thought about how Twine would work, it would be a map-centered app,” Nguyen explains. “But then everything went online, which would not be helpful in our case. So we completely switched khổng lồ another that concentrates more on Zoom links.”

“Instead of making the map a main feature, now we try to lớn make it really easy for people lớn find the Zoom link,” Lam adds.

Overall, the team emphasizes accessibility, ease of use, and a streamlined and understandable interface on Twine. These goals are achieved through creating user profiles that recommkết thúc events by category based on the user’s preferences, similar to lớn a streaming service such as Netflix.

“We have recommendations, and it’s a work in progress,” Lam says. “Recommendations are not easy. Big companies have whole teams or multiple teams that work on recommendations. But right now we’re trying our best to lớn recommover things people will be interested in.”

Khang Nguyen. Pholớn credit: Yvonne Gay

Nguyen explains that the frikết thúc system is chất lượng khổng lồ Twine.

“We discussed that we want our ứng dụng khổng lồ be more social,” Nguyen says. “We noticed that we’re more likely to lớn go to an event with friends, so we’re trying to develop our app so that friends can find ways khổng lồ go to lớn events with each other và also make friends by going lớn these events.”

While Nguyen noted the challenges of an all-remote internship, both students say their summer internship experience at Facebook was overall positive.

“The work experience was pretty amazing,” Lam says. “I talked with other people who got internships at smaller companies và even big techs, it was more hit-or-miss than Facebook. My program was very clear in the things I had khổng lồ vị. There was a 10-week plan, what I should ayên ổn khổng lồ achieve, and it was very clear what I was evaluated on. Also, my team was super easy lớn communicate with… So it was very collaborative sầu.”

Khang và Nguyen both credit the invaluable network in’s computer science department in helping them secure their positions at Facebook.

“A lot of our peers are very helpful. They you lớn achieve sầu something more,” Nguyen says. “It really motivated us và gave us the right tools khổng lồ prepare us for the job market.”

“The other majors are so good & helpful in so many ways,” Lam added. “Some people are really creative, và that really fostered a environment. Twine would have never happened if there weren’t creative people.”

Lam and Nguyen are in their last semester at, but they are not finished with Twine. They have sầu discussed plans to lớn integrate the web app more fully inkhổng lồ & using that as a model to pitch to other colleges.

“We’re definitely looking lớn expand to lớn other campuses,” Lam said. “I know Colton và Osama were in the process of talking with people at other schools. We’re really trying to lớn build something that is useful we can demonstrate in so we can show it to lớn people from other schools.”

To download Twine, users with an gmail tài khoản can visit on a mobile website browser. Students can also find the latest updates on Twine’s Instagram page,

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