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The on-dem& economy works by taking a service, such as meal delivery or taxis, and using công nghệ khổng lồ connect suppliers with consumers.
HBO says that its on-demvà business is not dominated by its hit shows but by the nibịt interests of its audience.
Teachers should be aware of the possibilities the online communities offer in terms of collaborative, on-demand based reciprocal learning, và social searching of information.
Since policy programs are separate from the system (and integrated only on-demand) they are a convenient means for imposing consistent security restrictions on multiple hosts.
Under ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá instrumental conditions, the modelling team should have sầu on-demand remote access lớn the survey site on the basis of telepresence.
In fact, on-demand injections have sầu been alleged lớn be inadequate as a standard of care for pain management.
We are concerned with the development of an on-demand transport system of driverless automatic taxis running on their own dedicated guideway network.
A standard way of accommodating infinite objects in programming (for example, in lazy functional languages) is khổng lồ use generators & on-demand evaluation.
The future is in cable, in optical fibres arid in interactive sầu và on-demand services, in addition to services that are supplied không lấy phí khổng lồ air.
All these elements have a cost, in that they involve sầu the provision of extra capađô thị in order lớn cater for the "on-demand" passenger.
We are dealing with the prospect of on-demand broadcasting, which is linked with the new technologies which we have sầu discussed at length.
As digital broadcasting becomes more widely adopted, as one might expect more & more programming will be available in an on-demand khung.
Should that loophole be closed or does the ban on hàng hóa replacement apply across the range of children’s & youth programmes, including on-demand content?
Calls for on-demand appointments, và particularly out-of-hours services, make this practically inevitable.
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