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Our policy remains that when nuclear-powered submarines have been decommissioned the hulls should be stored afloat at a suitable berth, pending eventual disposal.
Our policy remains that when nuclear-powered sumarines have sầu been decommissioned the hulls are stored afloat at a suitable berth, pending eventual disposal.
I refer more particularly to repairs of the hulls and machinery of smaller craft—torpevì destroyers, torpedoes, và submarines.
Quite clearly, risk prevention measures must be stepped up by improving vessel design and construction standards, one such measure being mandatory double hulls.
The hulls could be built by any shipyards which are capable of building the corresponding conventional ships.
I will deal with the question of hulls & cargoes separately, as the procedure followed is different in the two cases.
Unless the engines are put aboard, it is clear all the work on the hulls up lớn the present has been wasted.
As problems or conflicts arise, the number of hulls available could swiftly be increased dramatically.
We should look at the value for money of converting fishing vessels with metal hulls lớn minesweepers.
With the exception of the aluminium house, hulls were available to meet contractors" requirements in full.
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Newer vessels could also incorporate experiments or innovations in hull design that actually inhibit inefficiency.
Inside the outer hull there is a svào hull, or pressure hull, which withstands sea pressure và has normal atmospheric pressure inside.
Holes have sầu been cut in the pressure hull underneath the engine room và after compartment, and further holes may be found necessary under other compartments.





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