7 essential windows phone apps for traveling in southeast asia


In a few days, I"ll be returning baông xã to Thành Phố New York after spending three weeks in Southeast Asia. To be more specific, I"ve spent time in Vương Quốc Nụ Cười, Malaysia, and the Philippines. I"ve had the Lumia Icon with me, which comes unlocked out of the box by Verizon.

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I"ve noticed my usage is a bit different compared to how I use the Ibé baông chồng in the United States. Here are 7 apps that have sầu become really handy while traveling in Southeast Asia.


My go-khổng lồ tiện ích in the US for finding food spots is Yelp. I know can rely on the service to lớn provide nhận xét and photos from its millions of users. Unfortunately, it"s not available in the three countries I"ve visited. How would I know where to lớn eat? Instead of panicking, I"ve started using three apps: Zomakhổng lồ, Foursquare, & Tripadvisor.


The three apps are all great for giving restaurant suggestions, whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, pubs, or snacks. There"s no clear favorite. I use them all to lớn read the review & look at user-submitted photos. I especially like that Zomato provides an estimated price for two people.

Things khổng lồ do

I"ve already mentioned Tripadvisor for food recommendations above sầu, but it"s also great for finding attractions. For example, it was really useful in telling us which island hopping tours khổng lồ take in Palawan and which beaches khổng lồ visit. Instead of depending on our hotel"s front desk, who might have sầu other motives lớn suggest certain places, I read TripAdvisor Reviews from several other people who have sầu travelled in the area.


Another useful tool while travelling is WikiTravel (wikitravel.org). It"s not an ứng dụng, though. It provides great information on things khổng lồ vày & places khổng lồ see. Simply use your web browser.

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Getting around

I don"t know if it"s the way I look or speak, but many xe taxi drivers in Southeast Asia want to lớn rip me off. Several times, drivers have sầu refused to use the meter or only agree khổng lồ flat rate prices that are more than double the usual amount. I"m glad Uber exists and I"ve used it several times on this trip.

One thing to lớn note is that the Uber drivers see my American number on their phầm mềm. They"re unable to lớn liên hệ the number on my local prepaid SIM. I use the "contact driver" option in the app, if I need to Hotline or skết thúc an SMS lớn the driver for more details just in case.


Another service that is popular in Southeast Asia is EasyTaxi (easytaxi.com). It"s a little different from Uber. The ứng dụng flags down a nearby taxi & you can track its location. The xe taxi will use the meter when they piông chồng you up, but there is a small booking fee. The locals I"ve sầu talked lớn use this service as well as a similar service called, GrabTaxi (grabtaxi.com). Unfortunately, GrabTaxi is currently unavailable for Windows Phone.

More travel tips

Before you leave sầu home, I recommover downloading offline maps for HERE maps. It"s not hard lớn get a prepaid SIM thẻ for data when arriving at the airport, but it"ll be a lot better if you already have the maps downloaded on your phone.

If you need help reading foreign menus or signs, the camera feature on Microsoft"s Translator is pretty useful. It lets you point your phone towards the menu and translate the words on the screen.

Do you have any more tips or suggestions for people travelling in Southeast Asia or in general? Are there any other apps worth mentioning? Let us know in the comments!

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