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A CG Supervisor is the art & technical leader of the Inhouse CGI team. He/she is responsible for the technical unique of CGI videos, which air in all global servers for 1 of the top eSports games in Asia. The key responsibilities include, but are not limited to: supervise the production of computer generated content, create và run the pipeline of production, control the output quality and solve incoming technical issues.

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1.Responsibilities và Duties:

Strategic Implementation:

Designing & implementing the pipeline và workflow of all production for global flagship contents (CGI, Liveaction).Assisting the producer by reviewing budgets and schedules.

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Day-to-day basis:

Leading other members in solving any technical problems on a day-to-day basis.Designing và possibly implementing tools used in production.Quality control in all production phases as well as the final output.

CGI Uses và Scope:

The CGIs is officially released on a monthly basis on a global scale, serving dozens millions of players worldwide.Work closely with the art team of the biggest game corporation in the world, for 3 CGIs per month on average.

2. Qualifications:

5 years experience in CGI industry, 2 years experience as CG Supervisor.Master of 1 among the softwares: Maya, 3Dsmax or an equivalent software.Master at least 1 aao ước the skills: Animation/ Modelling.Has key personal characteristics: Open-minded, Proactive sầu, High responsibility, Perfectionist.Portfolio: IMPORTANT. Need to lớn highlight the role in the shown projects.ved.com.vn


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Hi hozo.vn Network, Garena Lien Quan sản phẩm điện thoại is seeking talents for the position of CG supervisor in HN/HCMC.
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