Funfair là gì

a place of outside entertainment where there are machines for riding on and games that can be played for prizes

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Is it not astonishing that, after all this time, there is still no proper funfair at the dome to entertain children?
The costs of, & revenue earned by, the funfair are matters for its operator, as is any contribution made to the community fund.
We have sầu also had discussions with bodies concerned with the provision of games at funfairs và amusement arcades.
This, of course, includes activities such as b& and jazz concerts, beauty competitions, carnivals, circuses, dances, funfairs, professional wrestling & the lượt thích.
Circuses are held in my constituency, as are funfairs, which are subject lớn the same regulations và are not exempt.
I cannot see why, if this is passed in another place, similar amendments cannot be brought forward for university campuses, hotels, funfairs, festivals or football stadiums.
He reminds me of a person in a glass maze in a funfair, eternally seeking a way through but always bumping his nose on another piece of glass.
Provided that they are not turned inkhổng lồ funfairs or amusement parks, which will not be done in this case, they do much to lớn enhance the beauty of the countryside.
This involves a fun run và cycling events for all ages, a funfair, concerts, films and various other cultural & family oriented events.
For general recreation, facilities include multi-sports courts, adventure golf, adventure playgrounds, water zorbing, high ropes courses, funfair, inflatable castles / pillows, & go-karts.
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a person who is extremely skilled at something, especially at playing an instrument or performing

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