Dự án khu nghỉ dưỡng phức hợp nam hội an

Hoiamãng cầu combines a fantastic beachside location và centuries-old tradition with sophisticated elegance và vibrant entertainment.

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Set on a pristine beach just south of Hoi An and Da Nang, hozo.vn brings together Vietnam’s rich culture, vibrant energy & stunning natural beauty in one irresistible destination.

Hoiamãng cầu places visitors at the heart of one of Vietnam’s most fascinating và beautiful provinces. Quang Nam holds natural và cultural treasures wherever you look – from the rich history of Hoi An & My Son khổng lồ the unspoiled beauty of Cham mê Island Biosphere Reserve.



hozo.vn is located less than one hour by oto from Da Nang International Airport, which serves direct international flights to lớn và from Asia’s major cities and domestic flights from throughout Vietnam giới.

Hoiamãng cầu puts guests within easy reach of the area’s top attractions:

Hoi An Ancient Town25 minutes
Cua Dai Beach25 minutes
Da Nang60 minutes
Da Nang International 60 minutes
Phu Ninch Lake70 minutes
My Son Sanctuary85 minutes
Hue Imperial City180 minutes


The development opens its doors to the world in 20đôi mươi with state-of-the-art entertainment facilities, a championship golf course and luxurious accommodations managed by Rosewood Hotel Group. Hoiamãng cầu will continue to grow in the years that follow, with the development of exciting new attractions, a retail village and residential spaces, as well as new entertainment và cultural experiences. When all phases of development are complete, this US$4 plus billion project will encompass 985.5 hectares of sweeping, beachside property.

A world within itself, the Hoi An region of coastal Vietphái mạnh offers limitless opportunities for guests to indulge in any way they lượt thích. Whether it’s a dip in the ocean, tasting flavorful new dishes & drinks, enjoying outdoor pleasures or exploring UNESCO World Heritage Sites of stunning architecture and natural wonders, guests can find it all – just steps from the resort. Try a new restaurant, wander through a historic home or get in some shopping time, it’s up lớn you. Not far from hozo.vn is the seaside đô thị of Da Nang, the world-famous charm of Hoi An, the beauty of My Khe Beach & stunning Ngu Hanh Son mountains.

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Hoiamãng cầu is committed to lớn protect the rich culture and natural beauty of the local area while making a positive contribution to lớn the local community và surrounding region.

We work with local educators, orphanages, children’s groups & other institutions khổng lồ enrich the lives of those around us. From our championship golf course lớn the preservation of our pristine beach, everything we vày at Hoiamãng cầu is carefully planned và considered khổng lồ ensure minimum impact on the environment. We work with local educators và provide on-site training khổng lồ ensure as many positions as possible are filled by local staff.


hozo.vn brings together three of Asia’s most trusted names in property development, entertainment and investment management. We will continue to lớn forge new partnerships và work with reputable investors as Hoiamãng cầu continues to lớn grow.

The VinaCapital team has more than 10 years’ experience investing in property development in Vietphái nam và has completed multiple projects across the country. It is one of the largest foreign investors in Vietnam’s real estate market và has a diverse US$1.5bn portfolio of khách sạn & leisure assets. VinaCapital is committed to providing superior returns for investors by using its experience & knowledge to lớn identify the key trends & opportunities that emerge as Vietnam continues to develop its economy.

Suncity Group was founded in 2007 và is now one of the leading entertainment conglomerates in Asia with major properties in Macau, the world’s largest gaming market và VIP clubs in major international gaming facilities outside of Macau. Sunthành phố also has VIPhường clubs in five sầu major international gaming facilities outside of Macau with a total of 87 tables. The group is engaged in a wide variety of other business ventures, such as golf-trip promotions, fine dining, finance và property development in Hong Kong và Macau.

VMS Investment Group is an investment management group based in Hong Kong. Founded in 2006, VMS quickly became a leader in multi-strategy investments, including structured finance & private equity, venture capital supported by securities brokerage (SFC T 1,4,6 and 9 licenses) & corporate finance advisory services. VMS has extensive sầu experience in gaming industry investment.

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