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In 1999, Hoa An 1 Stone Company was established from a small hand-processed quarry factory at Hoa An Phuong Mai Stone quarry. This is the most beautiful green stone mine in Southeast Asia; its products are used in many key projects such as Tri An Hydroelectrithành phố Dam, Tan Son Nhat Airport và National Highway 1K và the quarry is the focal point for supplying building materials in order khổng lồ create the push for the development of southern key economic region in the 1990s onwards.

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In order khổng lồ keep up the mission of developing a market economy with higher productivity; in 2004, Hoa An 1 Company invested in buying Kang Gun stone crusher – Korea & 3B-Vung Tau Stone Quarry worthing 2 million USD. With a capathành phố of 300.000 tons / year, the productivity has been improved significantly và timely met the market demand at that time.

2005 – 2010: Hoa An 1 Stone Company implemented investment in the Central, focused on sustainable development, long-term stability & export orientation; main products have sầu been Building materials.

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Today, Hoa An 1 Stone Company owns many modern công nghệ và equipments such as VSI crusher to lớn create artificial sand và construction stone for high-chất lượng prestressed concrete. Thus, our products have sầu met the requirements of customers such as 6đôi mươi concrete spun piles, prestressed concrete spun piles at Metro Suoi Tien – Ben Thanh projects, Long Tkhô hanh – Dau Giay Highway, Quoc Highway 1K – Industrial Zones; and we are continuously producing construction stones with high standard for export. Hoa An 1 Stone Company is currently one of the largest export enterprises in Vietnam.

Our products have registered the ownership certificate of the best quality VSI stone production to export inkhổng lồ the projects of fastidious markets such as nhật bản, South Korea, Singapore … ; with the công nghệ of VSI khổng lồ help khổng lồ round stones & reduce sharp edges, our products are used for high unique concrete. This is also a chất lượng và is a high unique sản phẩm of Hoa An 1 on the market today.


1999: Established the company.In 2005: Invested in advanced stone exploitation giải pháp công nghệ and equipment lớn process.2010: Invested in central region, focused on the export markets.2015: Operated Ninc Thuan quarry: 6 active sầu quarries stretching from Nha Trang lớn Kien Giang.2017: Exported products: khổng lồ Canada, nhật bản, Bangladesh, Singapore, Hong Kong …2019: Developed Logistics business team from Nha Trang to Kien Giang.

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