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Corsair Marine is Vietnam's leading manufacturer of luxury sailing yachts. Based in Ho Chi Minc, we have sầu a long history of building high chất lượng yachts with performance trimarans and cruising catamarans under our two br& names of Corsair Marine & Seawind Catamarans. With over 35 years of experience in Australia, the USA và now Vietnam, Corsair Marine International is an Australian company và is the leading composite boat builder in Vietnam operating in a fast growing luxury product market. We are looking for great people to join our growing business to exp& as the the premium luxury yacht supplier in the region. Visit www.seawindcats,com & www.corsairmarine,com for more details.

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-Following và updating shipments lớn note Purchasing, và get plan lớn pick up them. -Receive sầu information/PO/Billing Information from Purchasing & accountant department to lớn make Sales contract/Invoice, packing list for per shipment.-Checking necessary documents to make the valid paperwork for saving khổng lồ company và customs declaration.-Translate and find out Vietnamese name /apply HS-code for each tòa tháp.-Fill in & import form inkhổng lồ Customs software, print it out.-Work with Customs department for approval, inspection ( if not) -Get paperwork from shipping agents-Go lớn ports khổng lồ complete procedure. -Go khổng lồ Airport/Port for paying all fees và get baông xã documents from partner. Support them lớn release cargos (in urgent case or overload)-Arrange appropriate vehicles for picking up goods at port, air port -Claiming shipping agents in missing or abnormal parts.-Prepare Original Pos, copy Invoices, custom declare sheet for warehouse.-Prepare necessary documents for payments.-Make Logistics reports (Fees report, Import report, …).-Transfer Invoice and supply documents to lớn Accountant Dept in time.Other tasks -Arrange documents và vì support for export shipments-Support khổng lồ others departments for works on time (Purchasing: claiming missing part, declaring customs for odd or missing parts, …; Accountant: supply payable documents, update receiving status,…)

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