Coincident là gì

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It was only at considerably lower axis water contents that signs of intracellular deterioration were noted, coincident with declining viability of the rapidly-dried seeds.
This different ability to lớn mature spontaneously is coincident with differences in the amount and composition of the phospholipids in the oocyte membranes.
Clearly, isolation, loneliness, being alone và living alone are related but not coincident categories.
Coincident with this, however, has been the growth of new classes, organizations, and political alliances that operate within but also cross-cut the two ethnic groups.
Since the modulation frequency is coincident with the plasma frequency, the wake-fields of microbunches are then combined coherently.
For our axial protệp tin measurements, the beam (514.5nm) from an argon ion laser was collimated & oriented coincident with & propagating up the jet centreline.
A coincidence detector at the next cấp độ could respond only khổng lồ roughly coincident impulses, while other neurons relayed the separate firing of each cell.
The curves showing the path of the helicopters for the cases of 0% và +20% inertia uncertainty are either very cthua or coincident.
In their study, 4-month-old infants did not distinguish between coincident and noncoincident speech.
In this task, participants are asked khổng lồ name a picture that appears more or less coincident with a written or spoken "distractor" word.
It underlines the importance of acquiring coincident normal incidence and wide-angle profiles if crustal structure is to be fully characterized.

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to lớn put flour, sugar, etc. through a sieve (= wire net shaped lượt thích a bowl) khổng lồ break up large pieces

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