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a large amount of something that arrives or is produced together in a confusing or badly organized way:
Anyone who doubts that need only have sầu seen the conditions under which marginal farmers were operating in the last few weeks in blizzards.
Such a system could be extended to rail disasters, to coastal tìm kiếm & rescue, và lớn travellers stranded on roads in blizzards.
There was the continual strain not only of the blizzards, ice & snow but of the relentless air & underwater menace.
There may, of course, be fresh calamities in store for us, as unforeseen as was the last winter with its deadly blizzards and disastrous floods.
Then came the deadly blizzards of the winter which wiped out millions of sheep và gravely affected the spring lambing.
The firm has naturally been hit by the more recent economic blizzards, và the number employed now is about 1,500.
A number of local authorities have sầu already used their civil defence resources in responding lớn emergencies such as major floods, blizzards, và the leakage of dangerous chemicals.
We should ensure that we are strong enough & able enough to protect the weaker members of our community from the blizzards which have affected our economy in recent years.
We recognise that it has had an extremely difficult time in recent years và has faced the cruel blizzards of unfair competition from other parts of the world.
Together, these three territories can stand on a sounder basis, and can withstand the economic blizzards of world depressions in a way that they cannot vày individually now.

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