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Most frequently prosecuted were bakers & brewers, who were regularly fined for baking defective sầu bread or for selling beer above sầu price.
In the case of the which lots field, the user has chosen natural language ("each baked lot"), which allows universal quantification ("each") lớn be expressed easily.
Receiving visitors at trang chính (including family, friends & relatives), sewing và baking were the only other activities which registered a participation rate of more than 10 per cent.
Bakers could work suitable hours; the bread would be frozen, and that would be an over khổng lồ night baking.
The simple fact is that the master bakers of the big baking combines, and the trade unions concerned, have sầu got together.
We are seeing a possible result of this kind in the baking industry, but it could spread to other areas.
In my estimation, there should be made easily available for every citizen the best bread that modern milling & baking can produce.
No; my information is that the two sides of the baking industry are capable of regulating conditions of employment by themselves.
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lớn give something, especially money, in order lớn provide or achieve something together with other people

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