Adaptive là gì

relating khổng lồ the way that a living thing changes slightly over time so it can continue to exist in a particular environment:

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Their favoured approach seems khổng lồ be adaptive sầu management, in which policymakers alter their policies as conditions change.
Humans" evolved psychological architecture was designed to lớn produce inferences that were adaptive, not normatively logical.
Considering the time-consuming procedure used in adaptive control,13 this paper presents an efficient way for multi-input system"s hysteresis decision khổng lồ avoid any singularity.
Evaluation studies have shown that the users often have problems with the adaptive features of a system, và thus avoid using them.
An adaptive steering controller for automated steering on agricultural tractors with an electrohydraulic steering system was evaluated as a possible solution for tractor steering.
Opening up the adaptive toolbox and figuring out what lies inside is a challenge that must be addressed from many directions.
In this case, adaptive time-series modeling incorporated in a state-space form for predicting the variable at the next sampling point can be used.
There are svào evolutionarily adaptive links between the ability to fall asleep & perceptions of safety versus threat.
It is argued that thinking about one"s own thoughts would have sầu adaptive value by enabling first order linguistic thoughts to be corrected.
At present, the adaptive manipulation hypotheses are supported only indirectly, with reference lớn the apparent functionality và complexity of the host modification.
It is worth recalling that the behaviorist school of psychology also explained human and animal behavior by a backward-looking và unthinking adaptive mechanism, namely, reinforcement.
Triculines form a wholly aquatic group exhibiting today an amazing adaptive radiation of three tribes, over trăng tròn genera and more than 1trăng tròn species.

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Moreover, it sheds some light on the evolution of leaders" expectations and on the adaptive character of their interests và strategies.
This availability of the facial display of pain confers adaptive benefit on the individual, kin, và others, but only when attended to lớn by observers.
The population ecology of contemporary adaptations: what empirical studies reveal about conditions that promote adaptive evolution.
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